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Strategic advisory launches for deep tech commercialisation

Announcement posted by Innovation Advisory 09 Jul 2024

Founder of InnovationAus.com announces new firm to accelerate innovative disrupters

SYDNEY, Australia - July 9, 2024 -The team from deep tech consultants Espresso Communications and independent tech policy publication InnovationAus.com has launched Innovation Advisory, a strategy advisory that develops robust marketing and communications strategies to support the business ambitions of deep tech challenger brands and Australian innovative disrupters.


Innovation Advisory is led by founder and CEO Corrie McLeod, a marcomms powerhouse with 25+ years deep expertise in industry development and insights for commercialisation. The firm has an established track record of advising IP-rich Australian and international companies to reach the next stage of business growth by defining market strategies, network support and go-to-market tactics.


"Tackling Australia's deep tech commercialisation ambitions requires an informed approach - we have an abundance of sophisticated research, ambitious, skilled people and wealth built on primary industries. However, the challenge for many deep tech startup founders is identifying the right networks and communications strategies to carry an idea from proof of concept to full market readiness," said Corrie McLeod, CEO of Innovation Advisory. 


Innovation Advisory's guided workshops foster the furtherance of tech ambitions with go-to-market strategies and communications fundamentals. Through a series of guided workshops, clients develop marketing strategies, along with industry and government stakeholder mapping that results in the acceleration of outcomes associated with each businesses' ambition. 


"These companies have developed valuable strategic technologies at a moment in time when there is pressure to move quickly with purpose. The challenge is that they can often lack the in-house expertise to combine market know-how and capital fast enough to capture market opportunities. Communications as a significant and strategic input into a go-to-market strategy is often poorly understood and lacking focus," said Ms McLeod.


Innovation Advisory also offers a strategic value add with stakeholder mapping for emerging tech founders to connect with the right people and how they fit into a communication strategy to support reaching commercialisation goals - whether that is access to more options to raise or invest money, attracting talent, or business and product collaborators.


"Quite often these deep tech founders have spent considerable time, energy and resources prioritising technical innovation to reach key development milestones. When it comes to the point of building a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy is where Innovation Advisory can step in to help quality founders share their brilliance with the right people," said Ms McLeod.



About Innovation Advisory

Innovation Advisory was formed in 2024 and is an Australian communications strategy firm for deep tech innovators from within critical and emerging tech commercialisation sectors, including advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, cyber, quantum, space, defence and dual use technology. Headquartered in Sydney with an office in Canberra, Innovation Advisory was founded by the leaders of Espresso Communications and InnovationAus.com and leverages its founder's deep expertise, broad private and public sector networks and insights into the challenges and opportunities that stems from communicating the value and potential of Australian innovation.  

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