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This is our story

20 years ago we set out to build a media relations network, that equally served the needs of journalists and communications professionals. It had to be simple, it had to be accurate, and it had to be reliable. 

A lot has changed in that time. Newsrooms have become leaner, deadlines are now hourly, and the news cycle never stops moving.

To meet those challenges, we’ve developed, adapted, and delivered a system that we believe gives you more time back in your day. More time to craft better stories. More time with clients. And more time for yourself. 


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Our Team

Influencing's logo is based on the television test patterns that ushered in colour television. For us, there is no more powerful symbol of innovation in media and communications.

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We help those with stories to tell

Beyond data and distributions, Influencing delivers a truly whole-of-desk overview of your workflow. 

Enabling a top down view of contact interactions, accurate media monitoring across any outlet and easy to use reporting, the system clears the way for simpler, faster story-telling.


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I'm a brand, PR agency or organization

I wish to use Influencing to publish my news and announcements, monitor my publicity and find media targets.


I'm a journalist, content creator or influencer

I wish to use Influencing to find sources and request information, monitor my competitors and peers and find PR contacts.